1. Absolute discretion is granted to Fitness24 to reject or cancel any application or membership without ascribing any reason for doing so.


2. Members who have signed Term Contracts are governed by the rules of those contracts. Other memberships must give one full calendar months’ notice in writing prior to membership cancellation.


3. Paid in full memberships are non-refundable. Memberships may be transferred under certain circumstances to a friend or relative by applying to the Club Manager and when all outstanding debits are settled. Membership can be frozen if medical certificate exceeds 2 months.


4. Any outstanding monies are to be settled promptly to avoid Fitness24 withdrawing its services to members who are not fully paid up. Any Member that cancels their membership, but then wishes to re-apply may be charged the subsequent administration fee.


5. Use of Fitness24 facilities is restricted to members and guests aged 16 and above who have undertaken instruction in the safe and correct use of equipment. Members Guests, may use the gym at the discretion of Fitness24 staff (a charge will apply).


6. A Teen membership, under 16, is available for use in manned hours only with time restrictions as stated at the time of joining.


7. No Teen Member or anyone under the age of 17 years old is permitted to use the free weight area unsupervised. To have access to this area you must be over 16 years old with a supervising adult over the age of 21 years or a professional competitor with adult supervision meeting the age criteria.


8. As per the Health Commitment Statement agreed on joining, Members and guests should not undertake strenuous physical activities for which they might be medically unfit and Fitness24 will not be in any way responsible for any harm which may come to a Member or Guest as a result of their lack of competence or capability.


9. As per clause 8, anyone found to be misusing equipment or damaging the equipment or facilities or willfully causing health & safety breaches will be banned and further action may be taken. A re-induction may be imposed.


10. Entry to Fitness24 is only permitted at the appointed Entry area. Membership Cards MUST be used for entry. Failure to provide a card will prevent entry.


11. Members must not allow entry to nonmembers or members outside of manned Reception hours. Members ignoring this will have their membership revoked immediately with no refund of monies paid.


12. Fire exits, which are clearly marked, are there in the interest of public safety. You are asked to familiarize yourself with the evacuation procedure located in each area. In the event of a fire, members and guests are to make their way in an orderly fashion to the nearest available exit and assemble in the Car Park.


13. All Members and Guests must take a small towel in to the gym when working out, in order to wipe down the equipment as courtesy to the next user.


14. Members and Guests, when working out at Fitness24 are asked to wear appropriate clean clothing and training shoes at all times.


15. Members are required to put all weights, bars, equipment used away in their designated place as a courtesy to other Members and to avoid any health & safety risk


16. All Members are advised to use the Safety cords when using Treadmills.


17. If Members have any issues or comments regarding our service, please let us know at Reception in person, via our Suggestion Box or through the Member App.


18. We have a maximum 6 day in advance for all class bookings. We request a minimum of 24 hours’ notice for cancellations.


19. Members and guests may not use the facilities of Fitness24 while under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or other mood altering substances. We a zero tolerance policy towards the use and distribution of any such substance.


20. We have a zero tolerance policy towards all forms of abusive language and behavior towards staff and fellow members. We are a friendly inclusive fitness community. Members found to be disregarding this will be banned.


21. Members are respectfully asked to not enter into outside relationships with our team either in person or via social media as team members are not permitted to do so.


22. Fitness 24 reserves the right to amend the rules at any time and without notice to individual Members. Notification of any such changes will be posted on the notice board and to all Members.


23. Fitness24 does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage or injury anywhere on site including the grounds and car parks.


24. By signing your Membership Application, all Members accept and agree to be bound by the above rules.