Time 4 Carbs is a Premium Grade 100% Pure Maltodextrin powder.

Maltodextrin is very easy to absorb and very quick to digest making it an ideal carbohydrate source for anytime of the day including before or after working out or an event.

You can also add Maltodextrin to any Time 4 Nutrition powdered product to increase the carbohydrate content.

This product is registered by the Vegan Society.


45 Servings – 1.8kg 

Time 4 Carbs

  • 100% Pure Maltodextrin Powder – Carbohydrate Supplement

    Our Carb Powder contains 100% Pure Unflavoured Maltodextrin, contains only 6% sugars and can be easily added to water or juice.

    You can also add to Time 4 Whey Protein to create your perfect ratio of protein and carbohydrates tailored to your goals, the time of day or whether it is a training or rest day.

    Being unflavoured means our carbohydrate powder can also be added to any of the powdered products from our range.

    Maltodextrin is easy to consume and is a clean calorie source when seeking to increase your daily carbohydrate intake and provides 4 kilocalories per gram just like any other carbohydrate and is fat free.